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Developing young players technically in the sport of volleyball. Feeding their passion for the game at every level - grade school, middle school, high school, and college athlete.

"One of my greatest memories is watching 47 volleykats put on their state championship rings.
I am proud of all the volleykats who have worked so hard in pursuit of their goals."
~ Cindy DeWitt

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About Cindy DeWitt

I have been involved with Muncie volleyball my whole life. I use Munciana's time honored and proven training techniques mixing in my unique emphaisis on character development.
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My Philosophy

I believe strong fundamental training is the basis to reach full potential. Volleykats training is a progression of skill development necessary to be well-rounded at every position on the court.
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Let's Get Started

New to Volleykats? That's OK. This is not a club or team. I focus on your individual needs. Call me and let's discuss your goals and create a plan that works best for you.
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