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Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
1.   How does iPE/iHealth work? A.   Students first complete a pre-course evaluation to determine their baseline knowledge used to measure learning. All coursework is done independently allowing maximum class time for physical activity (PE) or flipped classroom activities (Health). The completion of a lesson unlocks access to the next lesson to keep students on task. The course progress tracker allows students determine when and where they complete their work.
2.   Is iPE/iHealth right for my school? A.   Absolutely! Every student deserves the opportunity to learn skills and habits they can use for a lifetime of healthy, happy, and fit living.
3.   Why iPE/iHealth? A.   Blended learning and the flipped classroom are the future of educational efficacy. (more reasons)
4.   What is required to take Interactive PE? A.   Students must have Internet access and a browser. That's all!
5.   Can I take iPE/iHealth on a tablet or smartphone? A.   Yes, iPE works on most mobile devices.
6.   What if a student doesn't have Internet access? A.   In 2017, this is really no longer a concern. Experience in all types of schools/communities confirms that 99%+ of students have digital access plans. Schools and communities almost always have access plans for individuals who genuinely need access (media centers, libraries, computer labs, etc.).
7.   Do I have to buy any textbooks or equipment? A.   No. All course materials are digital.
8.   How much does iPE/iHealth cost? A.   It varies depending on the unique needs of each school or district. Re-directing existing fees (textbook rental fees, gym uniforms, tech fees, professional development, etc.) often makes iPE/iHealth a no-cost option. Please contact us for a quote.
9.   How much physical activity is required? A.   The amount and type of physical activity is determined by each school's requirements.
10.   What sports and activities are required? A.   Each school determines the sports and activities that are best for their students.
11.   Can students complete the course at their own pace? A.   Yes. Students can also work ahead if they want.
12.   Are there accommodations for IEP and ENL students? A.   Many of the features of iPE/iHealth help students of need be successful.
13.   Is there a final exam? A.   Yes. In addition to the standard final, an adapted version is also available.
14.   Does our school need to be 1:1? A.   No. There is no difference in student success between 1:1 schools and non-1:1 schools. It's about the curriculum, not the technology.
15.   Can I evaluate iPE/iHealth? A.   Absolutely. We can set up evaluation courses for you to experience iPE/iHealth as both a student and a teacher. Contact us to get started.
16.   Does it cost to get updates to the courses? A.   Course updates are made each term based on the latest information and needs at no cost.
17.   Do teachers have to grade many assignments? A.   No. Most grading is automatic so students immediately see their scores.
18.   What support can teachers expect? A.   iPE provides all training, professional development, on-going support, and assistance at no additional cost.
19.   Is there an honor code? A.   Yes. All students are expected to do their own work.
20.   Can iPE/iHealth be used for home-schooled students? A.   Yes. Contact us for more information on how iPE/iHealth works for home-schooled students.
21.   Can I talk with teachers using iPE/iHealth? A.   Absolutely! Teachers like to share their successes. We are happy to connect you with other successful educators.
22.   Can I use iPE/iHealth for middle school? A.   Some districts have adopted iPE/iHealth for middle school students. The use in middle school is a local decision based on the unique needs of your school district.
23.   Is this online PE? A.   Absolutely not! While online technology can improve physical education, it cannot replace what goes on in the gym, on the field, in the pool, etc. (Read our position statement)
24.   How do I get started? A..   Contact Gary Lemke (see below).

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