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"To move the body, one must first engage the mind."


The promise of blended learning and the flipped classroom fascinates me. While I discovered innovative uses of digital learning tools and outstanding lessons, transformational 'first day to last day' blended learning curricula are as plentiful as unicorns. Everyone wants to believe but reality is a different story.

To create a new blended learning reality, I constructed comprehensive blended learning solutions centered on learning outcomes. My approach: make blended learning universally accessible to any teacher at any school. Result: more than a million student experiences across schools large and small, rural and urban, and suburban. . . . more

Blended Learning by the Numbers

More than a million lessons experiences to date. . . increasing daily


More about Gary Lemke

Gary Lemke is the founder of Interactive PE, creator of blended learning solutions.   He has been recognized as a PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator for his work developing iHealth and iPE.   Lemke currently serves as President-Elect of the Indiana Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AHERPD).   As a physical literacy advocate and member of the SHAPE America Health Literacy Task Force, Lemke is involved in guiding educational policy as it relates to physical and health education.   He is a partner with the Top10 coalition acting as a catalyst for policy, system and environmental change.   Lemke is a member of the University of Indianapolis Kinesiosolgy Advisory Board and is a regular guest speaker at other Universities throughout Indiana.



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