I know what it takes to be fit and healthy 

  Do you?  
developing physically literate individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity

Blended learning for physical education and health education.

High-integrity, cross-curricular educational experiences encourage meaningful student engagement now . . .
. . . and for a lifetime. Think relevancy and enjoyment.

Blended learning is NOT online PE   (here's why)

Are you looking to make a move with your curriculum?

What students say about iPE/iHealth

"It helped me understand how fitness works and it made me want to exercise more."

"I've become a healthier person. I care more about my health, what I eat, and living a happy lifestyle."

"This course taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to stay fit and healthy. I really enjoyed it".

"The way the information was explained made it easier for me to understand."

"It was great! I can now fully understand the meaning of fitness in my daily life."

"iPE has just the right amount of challenge and it motivates me to study and stay fit."

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